Defining Scope

Defining Scope

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How you handle that first scope meeting (or two) with a client will drive both parties’ satisfaction for the duration of your work.

That’s why Jonathan and I tackled defining scope this week: how can you set yourself up for success right from the get-go?

What is scope and when do you talk about it with your client?

How to make it clear that you’re a consultant, not an order taker.

Scoping with (and without) value pricing.

The relationship between mastery, value and scoping.

Shifting from doing full implementation to strategy and project oversight (hint: it starts in the scoping meeting).


“Push it back to: what is the desired business outcome here or the transformation you’re looking for?”—JS

“You can feel good about your services at a lot of different price points.” —RM

“It’s super important to scope last and not go into the sales meeting assuming that you need to find a way to convince the client to pay you to do your thing.”—JS

“We can all find a way to strip off the things that we really love and focus on just selling those.”—RM


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