Can You Be An Introverted Authority?

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Can You Be An Introverted Authority?

What do you think: can introverts be authorities?

Spoiler alert: we say yes. It started with a story from Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant.

Apparently Fortune Magazine did a study awhile back where they named America’s #1 networker a guy most had never heard of before: a Silicon Valley insider—and pure introvert—who had amassed hundreds of high-value relationships by giving and connecting.

Join Jonathan and me as we use that as a launchpad to explore how even the quietest amongst us can become authorities.


“The power is all with the givers in the sense that you can create what you want by helping other people.” –RM

“If you’re an authority and you’re leading people to this new vision, you need to sell them on the idea, if nothing else.” –JS

“We’re looking for cues that the people that we really respect as authorities or experts, authorities in the making, that they’re real people.” –RM

“Another way to put it is you’re giving in a way that’s going to energize you immediately.” –JS

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