Before You Cut Your Fees…

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Before You Cut Your Fees

This episode was sparked by a couple of listeners asking if they should cut their fees in light of the pandemic and its effect on their clients.

Using that as our jumping off point, Jonathan and I talk about why you might be considering reducing your fees right now and why it’s (mostly) not a good idea.

Join us as we dive into how to have fee discussions now with your clients (we talk retainers, project fees, information products and memberships), the dangers in making assumptions about their situation and how to add more value to your existing audience.


“If you have – especially for clients where you’ve got this tight one-on-one relationship – just have the conversation.” –JS

“Blanket anything is pretty much not going to work.” –RM

“Things change, and they keep moving forward. The pace of change is through the roof right now, but it’s normal, it’s just compressed.” –JS

“If nothing else, this whole mess is an opportunity to get really clear about what you’re contributing to your clients’ bottom line.” –RM