Authority Marketing Round-Up

Authority Marketing Round-Up

On The Business of Authority, we’ve tackled a variety of authority marketing ideas, techniques and practical how-to’s.

We thought it was time for a round-up of the most intriguing, highly-impactful means to market your authority.

So in this episode, Jonathan and I start with the basics—speaking and writing—and quickly move to how you can leverage those across a variety of media (podcasts, videos, webinars, live streaming and workshops, to name a few) in a way that fits your business model and your talents.


“Whenever I’m creating something, the first thing I want to know is who’s it for?” –JS

“Your opinion of yourself may be completely warped.” –RM

“Just remember that people learn in different ways, and there are some people who would so much rather watch a video than read anything you’re going to write. And vice versa.” –RM

“When you’re watching video, you’re watching it. You’re probably sitting down, you might be at your computer or in a chair or whatever. When you’re listening to this show, you’re probably in your life.” –JS


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