3 Questions To Ask Yourself In The Sales Process

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3 Questions to ask Yourself in the Sales Process

You know that feeling when you said “yes” to a new client and then pretty quickly started wondering what you were thinking?

And it’s not because the client was a “problem child”—you know how to recognize those already—but that they didn’t tick three important boxes in your business growth plans.

Listen in as Jonathan and I discuss the three questions you want to be asking yourself (and answering with brutal honesty) before taking on a new client.


“These are the kinds of questions that are going to help advance you, your business, and your authority, and I think we get into trouble when we don’t ask these kinds of questions.” –RM

“If you’ve recognized in the past that clients tend to lead to more clients that are similar, then you’re really going down a rabbit hole.” –JS

“Everybody’s genius zone is different. That’s the glory of it.” –RM

“By definition, it feels like you have a smaller pool of potential opportunities. But the reality is that the exact opposite ends up happening.” –JS