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Getting In Synch With Your Clients—How To Build Trust

A client—let’s call him Thomas—asked me to re-purpose an old marketing piece for a niche audience he was targeting—and then create a spiffy PDF his new readers could download. It was a quick exercise. He already had a clear brand … Continue reading

Should You REALLY Work On Retainer?

When you’re running a consulting or advisory business, a handful of stellar retainer clients can change your life. You can concentrate on producing big results without constantly chasing new clients or new projects. You can hire associates and leverage your … Continue reading

Building Digital Trust

  Building relationships is all about trust. But when your first contact is digital, it’s magnified 10x. We’re all looking—consciously or not—for clues that tell us whether we can believe what we’re seeing, hearing and watching. If your Spidey sense … Continue reading

Personal Brand Ethics: Building Trust And Connections

One of my great joys is midwifing my clients’ greatest work out into the world. Each of them serves their audience in a unique way, building connections, amassing a tribe around a shared central theme. They are making a living … Continue reading

Can You Be Vulnerable?

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” Brené Brown Ah vulnerability. We expect it from our clients but we fear it in ourselves. 000000

What Do Your Clients Think When They Open Your Bill?

Have you ever had a business relationship where you dread opening their bill? For me, it was the one with my credit card processor. I never knew what ridiculous add-on charge they would decide to ding me with that month. … Continue reading