Just how easy (or hard) do you make it for you customers to work with you?

Finding the threads in your own material.

How to package your expertise in ways that will increase your impact and revenue.

Publicity advice (and war stories) from PR strategist Ramona Russell.


Accepting risk (and charging for it).

Who can you help today?

Using your marketing to filter out bad fit clients and customers.

Are you being frugal or are you afraid?

What you need to do BEFORE you start writing a book.


Which ideas you should validate, which you shouldn’t, and how to do it if you’re going to.

Twitter expert Madalyn Sklar explains how to build a community around your big idea.

Madalyn Sklar is a social media power influencer, blogger, podcaster, and #TwitterSmarter chat host. She joins us on this episode to share decades of experience building online communities.


Having “clients for life” isn’t always a good idea.

Is the notion of retirement dead?


How to stop trading time for money.


Different ways to think about monetizing your expertise.

How to decide what your website for and how much should you spend on it.


Speaking truth that is consistent with who you are.

Strategy and tactics to promote your personal brand.


How to find the overlap between your expertise and what your client needs so you can operate in your genius zone.


It’s counterintuitive but true: focusing on a narrow market segment is great for business.


We unpack the concept of a big idea, share some examples, and suggest how to start to define one for yourself.


Structuring your business around a big idea.

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