Niche or Just Admit You’re Headed For Irrelevance

Niche or Admit You’re Headed For Irrelevance 02 08 2016If you’re jonesing to be more than just an average player in financial advisory, consulting or coaching, you no longer have a choice.

It’s not a question of SHOULD you niche, but how.

Think about it.

You’re not a financial advisor. You partner with women who run service businesses in NYC to build their wealth. Continue reading

Why I’m Dumping My Low-End Programs

Why I’m Dumping My Low-End Programs 02 01 2016Like you, every year I take a good look at my business and ask myself some key questions:

How did I do this year? (I measure this financially and qualitatively.)

What clients and projects would I like to duplicate ten times over? Are there any relationships I need to shift to make them work better? Continue reading

Killer Moths, KonMari and Cash

Killer Moths, KonMari and Cash 01 25 2016Last week I discovered we’d been invaded by stealthy killer moths.

The nasty little beasts ate their way through my (I thought) carefully stored wools and cashmeres—and even had the audacity to nibble on my favorite 1920’s vintage silk scarf.

At first, I thought it was confined to my closet. And then we discovered them in my husband’s closet. And the coat closet. And finally, nestled in with the linens. Continue reading


Resonance 01 18 2016You’re building your tribe. Translating what makes you flesh-and-blood compelling into digital form. Your website. Social media. E-marketing.

Think resonance.

When you’re on the receiving end you know it—viscerally. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you encounter someone preaching what you need to hear. Or you compulsively read and watch everything on their site because you just can’t get enough. And then you share it because it’s just too good to keep to yourself. Continue reading

I’m Not Able To Do That

I’m Not Able To Do That 01 11 2016Your plans for the New Year are rolling along. You’re full of energy, excitedly engulfed in playing out your vision and plans.

You’ve made the Shonda Rhimes decision —that this will be your year of saying yes to the things that scare you.

And then comes the inevitable. The tugs at your focus—the time-stealers that exert sometimes not-so-subtle pressure to change your priorities. Continue reading

When Small Beats Big

When Small Beats Big 01 04 2016We are hard-wired to believe bigger is better.

Especially when it comes to building an audience for our work.

100,000 Twitter followers or an email list north of 20,000 feels much more impressive than a few hundred believers in your tribe.

But here’s the thing.

Sometimes, smaller—think exquisite jewel box—beats big. Continue reading


Christmas 2015 12 21 2015As you speed off to spend your holidays with loved ones (or hunker down for a quiet respite), please take with you my fondest wishes for your holiday and New Year….





Wisdom. Continue reading

What You Need To Do Before Writing Your Book (Or Selling Consulting Products)

What You Need To Do Before Writing Your Book (Or Selling Consulting Products) 12 14 2015We all know the publishing world has changed forever.

The author most likely to snag a publishing deal is the one who already has a name brand and an outsized platform.

So what does that mean for YOU?

Digital baby. Continue reading

Raising Your Consulting Fees

Raising Your Consulting Fees 12 07 2015Whether you’re happily contemplating boosting your fees or dragging your feet knowing it’s time to make a change, this post is for you.

First things first: let’s put fee-raising in the proper context.

The true value of your services is in the RESULTS you achieve for your clients. Translation: it doesn’t matter what the market rate is for what you’re doing—if you can’t make the magic happen, you’re going to struggle building a thriving, profitable business. Continue reading

Neema Namadamu

Nemma Namadamu and Rochelle Moulton 11 20 2015Sometimes you meet a real-life hero and something shifts inside you.

They inspire you to do more. To be more. To have confidence and courage in your own path.

Such a woman is Neema Namadamu.

Because if Neema could do even a handful of the dozens of amazing things she has accomplished—so can we. And as we head into the holiday season, I want you to know more about her. Continue reading