The Eight Influential Books (For Consultants) I’ve Read This Year

the-eight-influential-books-for-consultants-ive-read-this-year-12-05-2016Like you, I read. A lot.

If I’m being 100% candid, a goodly share of my reads are thrillers—think John Sandford (Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers), Lee Childs (Jack Reacher) and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch). The more (smart) action the better—please tell me I’m not the only woman you know with a serious thriller addiction.

The rest of my reading is an eclectic lot. But I thought you might enjoy this admittedly unconventional series of books with a lesson or two (or ten) for consultants. If you haven’t already indulged, maybe it’s time to put a couple on your holiday wish list? Continue reading

Seven Moves To Rev Up Your Consulting Business For 2017

seven-moves-to-rev-up-your-consulting-business-for-2017-11-28-2016It’s never too early—or too late—to fire up your consulting business for 2017. Here are seven moves you can make right now to position yourself for the work, the clients and the revenue you deserve.

  1. Revisit your business strategy. What’s your big picture plan for your consulting business? (Hint: if it isn’t written down, now is an excellent time to start.) What if anything needs tweaking or a downright overhaul: your target clients, services, delivery model, pricing, marketing, sales? Try this simple exercise: what do you need to KEEP doing (because it’s working brilliantly, not because you’ve always done it); what should you STOP doing; and what must you START doing to reach the success you crave?

Continue reading

How To Get Started With Media Coverage

how-to-get-started-with-media-coverage-11-14-2016One of the hands-down best things in the age of social media is that you can now build and own your own PR and media.

We’re talking small, organic movements vs a giant splash (for that, you’re often better hiring a pro with immediate relationships to leverage).

The beauty of building your own media is that you literally can start today—right now in fact—by adopting a media mindset and a handful of simple practices. Continue reading

Your Underdog Story

your-underdog-story-11-07-2016We consultants love to tell our war stories: the transformation of clients, the before-to-after that wouldn’t have happened without our, ahem, brilliant intervention.

There’s an important place for those of course—like on your testimonials or services page.

But you also need an underdog story. Continue reading

The Art Of The Pitch

the-art-of-the-pitch-10-31-2016I’ve been helping a client source a junior media associate (think PR and social media) and so I’ve spent a few days buried under a virtual stack of resumes, work samples and social media links. (Recruiters—you have my undying appreciation for the magnitude of “stuff” you sort through every day.)

What was fascinating as it unfolded was the sheer number of people who essentially rewrote the ad to skew toward their talents.

I wasn’t looking for editors, fiction writers, sales reps, voice-over announcers, teachers, producers, on-air talent, data mavens or dry-wall installers. Yep, I got all of those. Continue reading

Getting Ready For Your “Shot”

getting-ready-for-your-shot-10-24-2016When I walk my dog Jackson in the pre-dawn hours, it is rarely pretty. No make-up, bed hair tied back in a ponytail and—this time—wrapped in my husband’s bulky jacket since it was easiest to grab on my way out the door.

We live in Los Angeles, so it’s not unusual to see movie, TV and commercial shoots. I gave the crew setting up on the beach a passing glance and then heard “Come here Jackson”!

Sure enough, a good friend of mine was producing the shoot and came over with the director and some of her crew to say hello and of course we took the inevitable group photo. Continue reading

You Are Not A Can Of Soup

you-are-not-a-can-of-soup-10-17-2016A can of soup has no passion. It has no aspirations, no point of view, no motivation—it simply takes up shelf space waiting to be chosen.

You are not a can of soup.

But you are a brand.

A living, breathing embodiment of all that you hold dear. Continue reading

Digging Down To Your True Voice

digging-down-to-your-true-voice-10-03-2016If someone you just met—say after a 10 minute conversation—clicked onto your website or any of your social media pages, would they instantly know it was you?

Or would they scratch their heads wondering where your personality went?

You may have a “voice” problem. Continue reading

Why You Only Need Three Marketing Strategies

why-you-only-need-three-marketing-strategies-03-26-2016I was a brand-spanking new consultant proudly presenting the draft of my very first client report to the man who would become a treasured mentor.

He briefly scanned it (the copious edits would come later) and his eyes lit on the two solutions I’d outlined.

Instead of marveling at my brilliance, he handed the report back to me and told me that I needed to flesh out three solutions. Not two, not four, but three. Continue reading

Your Brand Of Authority

your-brand-of-authority-09-19-2016Have you ever scratched your head at a “celebrity” in your industry, trying to figure out how he/she grabs so much client or media attention?

Case in point: pretty much every financial advisor I’ve ever met has a love/hate relationship with the fame of Suze Orman—she’s often the first person they mention when we talk unforgettable branding. Continue reading