Be Unforgettable: Total Immersion

This two-day private immersion program is custom-designed for you and your business—no two are ever exactly alike.

You want something to change—and change fast. Maybe you’re ready to launch a new revenue line—consulting, speaking, workshops, digital programs. Or transform the one(s) you have. You may simply need the focused time to outline, format and price your content into saleable form.

The key is that you are ready to commit to bigger and bolder. You are ready to dedicate your time and energy to make it happen. You are ready to play on a bigger stage.

I will interview you extensively before agreeing to take you into the Immersion program. If we both agree it’s the right fit, I’ll develop pre-work for you to complete so that we maximize our time together.

We’ll meet in my Marina del Rey office for two days. I will challenge your right and left brains—making sure that what we produce will be exciting, profitable AND complementary to your core brand.

Our work depends on your goals, but here are some results my other immersion graduates have taken home:

  • Brand clarity—pinpointing your value proposition (who you are, what you do and why it matters); articulating your brand voice and stories, actions and visuals.
  • Speech creation and marketing—using your existing thought leadership to craft a compelling speech, including sales and marketing plans.
  • Content build-out—diving deep into your existing content and developing new programs, tools and delivery formats.
  • Revenue model refresh—revamping how you make your money, from what you sell to pricing, billing and collections, and alliance partners.
  • Sales jump-start—transforming your sales messages, channels and process.
  • Social media fast track—creating personas consistent with your brand across multiple platforms, developing your blog and a detailed execution plan.

Count on deep, lasting and soul-tingling experiences.

And, you get to take me with you—by email and phone—for 30 days after we’ve met.

Investment: $9,500*, which includes an exceptional dinner at the end of Day 1.
Multiple partners may attend for an additional fee.

*In 2014, I will donate 10% of my fee for this program to

Are you ready for big, bold, bodacious change? Let’s talk.

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