I speak to audiences about what it takes to be unforgettable:

Spreading ideas, connecting viscerally with your audience and doing work that matters.

Speaking is social (much like being unforgettable). It’s playing in team with the audience. It’s being hyper-attuned to the energy and unique DNA in the room. It’s a way to connect with your group in profound ways.

I like profound.

I have stories to tell—launches and implosions, selling to the big boys, media charming and star-making. Think keynotes, workshops and sales seminars.

I adore audiences jam-packed with business minds and creative souls who must create and sell their work every day: consultants, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, creatives.

You and I will plot exactly the right message, media and sizzle for your audience. And I’ll arrive with my homework done, my high heels on, and my audience radar in high gear.

Sound intriguing? Then let’s talk.

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