Do your clients see you as THE choice or just one of the herd?

firm leaders

You lead a consulting or advisory firm with revenue in the neighborhood of $250,000 up to $25 million or so.

Whether it’s just your name on the door or you have a handful of partners, growth is on your mind 24/7:

  • Our clients love us, so why is consistently attracting new ones such a challenge?
  • Why is my firm growing slower than some new upstarts?
  • Are we targeting the right clients and market segments?
  • Is our message relevant to and resonating with our sweet-spot audience?
  • What experience should we be delivering across all our media and marketing platforms?
  • Do we have the right mix of talents and skill sets for where I want to take the firm?

If these are some of the questions you’ve been wrestling with, we should talk.

Because not only have I been where you are right now—but I’ve advised dozens in the same position.

And here’s what I know for sure: until you’ve hard-wired your firm’s DNA into your branding and marketing, you’ll keep playing the “me too” game. Wouldn’t you rather write your own rules?

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