What if your book could spark a movement?


Your dream is to publish a “big idea” book.

The kind that sparks some big conversations—maybe even a movement.

But here’s the thing: your book can’t thrive in a vacuum. Which means asking (and answering) a few strategic questions before you devote the hundreds of hours the typical big idea book will cost you:

  • How should your book be positioned—who is your ideal audience and what are your key sound bites?
  • How will this fit into the rest of your business or practice model?
  • How “book-ready” are you—what changes do you need to make to your platform and audience for this to be the right investment?
  • Which allies should you line up now and how should you involve them in your launch?

Shouldn’t your book be an integral part of your brand, your story and your business model?

I believe it should and that’s why I’ve designed a strategy session for big idea authors. Drop me a note here to see if it might be right for you.