How would having a steady stream of your perfect clients change your life?

Yes, go there for a moment—because that’s the bottom line of all the work I do for consultants + big thinkers: authors, speakers, experts, creatives.

what i do

Brand Strategy    Brand + Business Mentoring    Taglines    Book Titles + Positioning    Manifestos    Web Content    Marketing + Sales Collateral    Email Series/Nurturing Sequences Video + Audio Scripts       Video Production

If you’re looking for a fresh brand strategy (and/or collateral materials), choose your category and take a closer look.

Spark Session:

A one hour, one-time session to get you un-stuck or simply laser-focused in the right direction.

Brand + Business Mentoring:

Six months (or more) of one-to-one phone and email access—for when you’ve got a big challenge and you need a partner.