Be Unforgettable: The Digital Kit



You have a burning desire to grow your audience, your influence, your revenue. Ready to be unforgettable?
Come sit by me…

You crave the right platform to move hearts, change minds and enhance lives.

You just need the right gateway.

You need an irresistible brand.

Your brand is what you stand for. It’s your belief system, your promise, your why-you-are-here-right-now. Anything less than exquisite clarity (and thoughtful execution) is going to cost you.
In hearts. In minds. In influence.

Be Unforgettable: The Digital Kit is a program for people who are ready to put their ideas, their business—and their heart and soul—out into the world.

Because what doesn’t get shared has no power to change the world.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with entrepreneurs at the end of their rope. They went into business with the best intentions, bottomless optimism and passion. Always passion. Sometimes they were even well-funded. And still they got stuck.

They sold their services and products for too little. They failed to distinguish themselves from ten or a hundred thousand competitors. They said yes to the wrong clients and wondered why work was so damned hard. They sat in fear, waiting for the last dollar to leave their checking account, praying for a miracle.

This is better.

I’ve done this same deep brand work for myself and for countless others, midwifing my clients’ most personal and brilliant creations out into the world. Entrepreneurs of all stripes, experts, freelancers, artists and creatives have field-tested every bit of this kit. We’re in life’s work territory here. I’d be proud to have you join us.

p.s. Just in case that isn’t enough goodness, here’s some more: 10% of your purchase goes to Girl Up Because very girl deserves to reach her full potential.

Be Unforgettable:
The Digital Kit


Here’s What You’re Getting

Seven jam-packed modules to guide you through building the ideal (not to mention unforgettable) platform for your vision, your message and your business:

Part 1 Your Skyline | The benefits of thinking—and going—big.
Part 2 Your Heart and Soul | Understanding what you bring to the table: your story, your quirks, your own brand of genius.
Part 3 Your Work | Taking a deep dive into what and how you deliver your services and products—from your clients’ and buyers’ vantage point.

Part 4 Your People | Getting crystal clear on who you’re serving and what you most need to satisfy them.

Part 5 Your Big Bold Bodacious Idea | Capturing the essence of your brand in a short phrase that pulls “your people” right to you.

Part 6 Putting It All Together | Positioning yourself—and your unique personal brand—for powerful success (including how to tell your killer story)

Part 7 Unleashing Your Unforgettable Self | Taking your personal brand for a spin

Each module has multiple worksheets and tools—16 in all—to guide you to:

  • Refine your vision and clarify your core purpose
  • Declare your manifesto—your point of view
  • Capture your defining experiences—and build the framework for your killer story
  • Get exquisitely clear on your ideal client or buyer
  • Define “your circle”—the people (including media) who will help you take your vision out into the world
  • Develop—and wordsmith—your big bold bodacious idea

I’ve also created a workbook so you can capture all your work in one convenient place.

AND, I’ll be with you via video (six in total, including three workshops) sprinkled throughout the kit where I think you’ll value it most.

I take the mystery out of this whole branding “thing”. I’ll help you see the big picture, but also give you
the step-by-steps and share some “tricks of the trade” that you can master to make yourself, well,

One final note: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to do the work to get the results. So here’s
my personal guarantee: If you do the work in this kit and fail to get the value you expected, simply send me your completed worksheets within 30 days of your purchase and you will get 100% of your money back.
No questions asked.


Be Unforgettable:
The Digital Kit


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