You’re looking for a B2B peer group that’s as successful as you are.

Not because you need some new pals, but because you realize that—like you—they’ve learned a thing or two getting to this point.

You have all achieved big and yet are still plotting how to do it even better.

Which means you’re ready for the catalyst of a thoughtfully curated and facilitated mastermind to get to your next evolution.

You’re looking to:

Grow smart—without complicated systems that don’t run themselves

Monetize your expertise to create your uniquely optimal balance of revenue, free time and flexibility

Work consistently in your genius zone so you can enjoy your life and work

Scale your authority—your impact and influence—with your ideal clients and buyers

Make a lasting impact with the revolution you’re leading

Enter Soloists: The Mastermind. A structured eight-month mastermind with a small group of 6-12 hand-picked soloists grappling with—and solving—the same challenges.

Because nothing helps us blow past our current limits like developing, testing and challenging our ideas with the right peers and the right facilitator.

This is the circle of soloists you want by your side.

The next cohort will launch March 2nd, 2023 for consultants with annual revenue of $100,000+. Apply now to join our group.



Running a solo expertise business serving B2B clients and/or buyers

Ready to jump a level—in earnings, visibility, impact or influence

Looking for ways to leverage and optimally monetize your business model without working more (or hiring a slew of employees)

Committed to showing up regularly, doing your work and actively participating by giving and receiving feedback

Determined to build your own version of wealth—your ideal balance between money, free time and flexibility

An action taker—you don’t buy into victim thinking, excuses or drama


$100,000—or more—in new revenue

Reduced work hours without sacrificing revenue

Break-out media recognition as an authority in your niche

Improved flexibility—where, when, with whom and how you work—so you can enjoy life on your terms

Launching a new revenue line: book, speaking, course, membership program, licensing deals and the like


On a private coaching call, you and I will strategize your goals and plan how to optimize your results

We’ll meet as a group over 8 months, 2X monthly for an hour (the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, starting March 2nd, 2023)

You can book up to three more private one-hour calls with me anytime during our 8 months together

You’ll experience at least one “hot seat” session in the Mastermind

We’ll share a private slack space to stay connected between meetings and for continual brainstorming and support

Group sessions will be recorded and posted in our private space

My Philosophy

Real—and brave—confidential conversations are essential to move past the blocks keeping us from our next leap. I commit to fostering candid conversations on every call and within slack.

We are only as good as the container allows us to be. This framework of calls and community represents a set of values—including respect, focus, accountability, creativity, curiosity, impact, service and insight—designed to enable you to operate at your highest level.

This isn’t about being perfect—it’s more about being perfectly imperfect. Making big leaps can get messy and it’s important to show up as you are.

Investment: $15,000 payable when your cohort is finalized.