You don’t step on Superman’s cape.

Consultant Positioning

You’re ready to take your consulting business to a bigger—and far more lucrative—stage. Any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve got a big idea that could fundamentally change how you work and scale up your earnings, but you can’t figure out how to make that happen.
  • Your core business is rolling along at a healthy six-figure pace, but you’re ready to build a bigger platform with niched positioning—book(s), speaking, media—and want to do it strategically (and fast).
  • You’ve been trying to upscale your clients, your fees and your pipeline—but you’re frustrated because your attempts to differentiate aren’t clicking.
  • You’ve hit an inflection point with your business and need to pivot your positioning, marketing and selling to take your next leap (and don’t have time to dither).
  • You know that even the perfect strategy and action plan won’t be enough for you—you crave a practical, results-oriented coach to guide you through the first months of your new positioning.

You’re standing on the edge—with one foot in the past and the other reaching for the future. My job is to build the bridge between the two for you to confidently cross—and then guide you through the first three months as you execute your new positioning and plan.

Consulting Benefits

  • Clear direction, clear messaging and clear expert/authority positioning in your market.
  • Getting your voice and point of view heard in the markets you value.
  • Concrete pricing and market positioning of your services and products (books, courses and the like).
  • Confidence that the time you’re investing in your next big move will make strategic sense for you and your business.
  • Knowing exactly how to roll out your strategy in the marketplace: with clients and buyers, prospects, media and alliance partners.
  • A been-there, done-that coach to guide you through the transition

Investment: $25,000.

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