You are a consultant, author, speaker, artist—with a burning desire to grow your audience, your influence, your revenue.

Your sticking point is a clear, compellingly unforgettable personal brand. Or it’s executing your already stellar brand on the right platform. You need creativity, clarity—and a game plan that works. We’re talking transformation here…

My programs offer you a shared or private space to build out your brand, your content, your marketing and media plan and your platforms. From consulting, speaking, books, workshops and products, we’ll build your empire.

Check out my 2016 programs. And please do note that each program is linked to a non-profit that helps the underdog to soar. Because everyone deserves a decent chance in life.

1Spark SessionSometimes you just need a spark to light up your possibilities. This one-time, one-hour program is to get you revved up and laser-focused in the right direction.

You decide what gets our attention.


2Marketing MakeoverYou’re stuck. You’ve developed your business concept, maybe even launched it, but you just can’t get beyond the small-time. You need more than a cheerleader—you need a business and branding maven to see what you can’t. And to give it to you straight-up so you can start earning what you’re worth.

This isn’t your hobby, it’s your business. Make it work for you.


3The VIP RetreatI custom-design this two-day private retreat program for you and your business—no two are ever exactly alike.

You want something to change—and change fast. Maybe you’re ready to launch a new revenue line—consulting, speaking, workshops and digital programs. Or transform the one(s) you have. You may simply need the focused time to outline, format and price your content into saleable form.


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