How grateful am I to be in such brilliant, warm and loving company?

Michael F. Kay
There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe what is like to work with Rochelle. She is creative, thoughtful, respectful of process and outcomes driven. Rochelle is a combination coach, mentor, creative spirit and super organized manager. She has become a key member of my team.
Candice Chapman
If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about your success…please do not look any further. Every conversation I have with Rochelle is not only productive, but also entertaining and I look forward to each time we talk. She is an expert at what she does and knows how to bring out the best in you.
Mike Hais + Morley Winograd
Rochelle Moulton is an extraordinarily supportive, encouraging and indefatigable professional who represents us with incredible dedication and determination. Retaining her is easily one of the best decisions our partnership ever made and helps bring us the success her clients consistently enjoy.
Rochelle has empowered me with her fresh and direct approach on how to better market myself as a women’s fashion designer in today’s competitive fashion world. Not only did Rochelle immediately “get me” but she helped me look outside the box to better define my image from my competition!
Bert Keeter
Marco Pelusi
Rochelle is an energizer. Chock-full of creative business ideas and savvy promotion—I’m always raring to go after talking with her.
Be unforgettable. This is Rochelle’s promise and she models it well within an unforgettable experience. She did this for me with a precision that is obviously business smarts, along with a great deal of fun—but it is the nurturing of validation deep within soul that I will never forget. I would not be able to recommend Rochelle highly enough for the clarity, confidence and courage that she calls out of me.
David E. White
Imagine an advisor who draws forth your most unique and powerful qualities, shapes and directs their focus, and makes you a more successful, unforgettable you. That’s Rochelle. She weaves creativity, wit and expertise into helping her clients exceed their own expectations.
Sarah Lewis
Carleen MacKay
Every person I’ve ever met has a unique talent. Few use their talent to its fullest capacity. Rochelle is the exception. She has always explored, taken risks, found new paths and continued to demonstrate that the next “aha” moment deserves her fullest attention. Being a trailblazer myself, I recognize one when I see one!
Thomas Hripko
Rochelle is like a very unique mirror enabling you to look deep inside yourself. Not only are you able to see and correct some flaws, but more important – you also find hidden attributes that you can bring to the surface and put to work doing more good than you ever imagined. In short, hire this woman and be transformed.
Rochelle was able to quickly understand our business and our positioning, and provided a much needed outside perspective and objective evaluation. In addition to helping us refine our positioning and messaging strategy, she developed a clear and detailed action plan to bring our agency’s mission to life.
Matt Day
Irreverent Sales Girl
Rochelle is a gift! She has a KNACK for getting into the heart of my brand and pulling forth what I meant to say. What I meant to think. And what my audience wanted me to bring to the market. And then she illuminates the next step to make me EVEN MORE unforgettable. Rochelle is generous, thoughtful, experienced, sharp and she has skin in MY game. Consultant? HA! A real get-your-hands-dirty-FULL-partner is more like it!
Kathy Blanton
Rochelle is a gifted business thinker and visionary. She knows how to capture the real you—your dreams, your panache, your business, your way—into a brand that is truly “unforgettable.” Rochelle coaches from true-life experience; she’s created, built and sold successful businesses that still thrive today. Not only that, but she’s a jewel of a person and one smart cookie. If “Brandiva” is a word, then Rochelle surely personifies it!
Ramona Russell
As a marketing/PR professional, I’ve come across a lot of ‘nothing in the box’ consultants and coaches, which is why I never invested in one. But I felt something was missing in the marketing and focus of my business, so I hired Rochelle. She had me pegged in two seconds, and was able to speak my language and give me advice based on my personality, business and goals. She really does GET IT, and she provides a level of attention that makes you feel that you’re her only client. In just one month, Rochelle completely changed my branding, focus and created a plan to increase my revenue. Having her guidance felt like a true business partner. She is worth every penny!
I had the pleasure of working with Rochelle when I was fine-tuning my message and brand as a new consultant. She helped guide me when I was considering a new venture and submitting a proposal to a key client. Her guidance was invaluable and she helped me put together an exceptional proposal.Then I recommended Rochelle to my alma matter, the University of Southern California, to moderate a strategic planning retreat for our Alumni Board. She conducted a highly professional planning meeting, while making sure the group had fun throughout the day.The best way to describe Rochelle: she leads and guides you to achieve your highest potential while you thoroughly enjoy the process that she creates just for you.
Alice Cardenas
K.C. Victor
When I chose to expand the Make It Rain® portion of my business, I hired Rochelle. I trusted her to understand who I am and effectively push that out. She understood where I am coming from and could wrap her mind around what I do. She speaks in nouns and verbs and markets reality.
Stacia Smith
The way Rochelle extracts core values, characteristics, visions and goals and then bundles them up very precisely and articulately is what sets her apart. She encouraged me to delve deep to bring personal stories up from childhood and adolescence to strongly illustrate who I am and where I’m going. Brilliant! I use my manifesto in everything from elevator speeches to social media pages…
Rochelle merits accolades for thoughtful and useful advice that provides excellent frameworks and guideposts for us in our work and our lives. I often use Rochelle’s welcome ideas in framing how I promote my services succinctly and effectively.
Corey Bearak
Brenna Smith
Rochelle is inspiring, informed and influential. She delivers her message in an exciting way that makes her a joy to both work with and learn from. She, like her mission and message, is unforgettable.
Kerry Grier
Rochelle pulled our project from a vague idea to a time line with a concrete result at the end of it. She started from the beginning, not the middle as we had, and figured out each person’s strengths then worked from there. Thanks to Rochelle our project took off in a direction we would not have anticipated and has proven to be excellent advice. Our weekly meetings struck just the right balance of advice, motivation and letting us brainstorm enthusiastically while still keeping on track. Thank you Rochelle!
Rochelle has helped me tremendously in understanding myself, my skill sets, and my talents; and how I can monetize those factors into a self sustaining (and evolving) business model for me and my clientele. I wholly recommend Rochelle’s approach, support and follow through—she has helped to make me the professional that I am today.
Stephen Masterson

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