Rochelle MoultonI am here to make you unforgettable.

Which is NOT about fitting in.

It IS about spreading ideas that make people think, making art that moves hearts, doing work that matters, and living in rich abundance.

I’m equal parts business strategist, marketing maven and creative midwife.

Imagine if Dan Pink, Seth Godin and Ellen DeGeneres had a love child…

The intersection of right brain and left brain is where I live, work and thrive.

That means I will give you tools you can use right now to see fast, measurable changes—in your work, your business and your life.

I consult. I work with soloists—consultants, authors, speakers, experts, creatives—to develop their personal brand, platform and business model. I’ll serve as your brand, business and marketing strategist, catalyst and chief evangelist. My job is to reach into your head and pull out your very best bits and put them to work on the big stage. Big presence, big results.

I program. My programs—group and private—rock clear, transformational outcomes. Live, by phone and on the web. They are for you if you’re a busy soloist, consultant, author or leader who needs to quickly ramp up your brand and build a sustainable, revenue-generating platform.

I speak. My best audiences are chock-full of professionals—consultants, advisors, creatives—who are challenged every day to create and sell their work. I speak about creating and spreading ideas, building a sustainable (read: paying) platform and how to work the way you want.

I write. I write to make you look at things in new ways. My cherished moments as a writer are when “ah ha” is in the air. Inspiring, practical, occasionally sublime. Check out my blog or some of my free stuff.

My Past Life

I studied business with engineers (MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and led introverted brainiacs at some huge consulting firms: Towers Perrin and Arthur Andersen.

I have worn the blue power suit AND the pearls. I pitched in Fortune 500 Boardrooms. I made global partner—at 31. But when I saw the twisty, soul-sucking machinations required to stay in the corner office, I put on my big girl panties and headed for the exit.

First stop: creating a loveably quirky company of hyper-qualified MBA moms. Qwest was a place where experts could do their best work on their terms and be celebrated for it. It landed us, amongst other places, on the cover of The Wall St Journal.

My next move was selling the firm to Arthur Andersen and teaching them (and others) how to make flexibility work in big-firm America.

Post-Enron, I spent a year cooking, designing, and selling fine china and crystal, just to make sure I hadn’t somehow missed my true calling (I hadn’t).

And then, I took one last “real” job, leading a national team coaching torpedoed corporate execs into new work. Think daily human tragedies and triumphs: humbling and potent stuff.

After one final tug at the ripcord (2007), here I am, indulging my entrepreneurial appetite for freedom, creativity and no limits.

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