Monthly Archives: May 2010

Avoiding The Camel

Your work is giving—or, more precisely, selling—advice. How well are you selling yourself and your firm? Let’s agree that being compelling to your sweet-spot clients is a must. Why then do so many firms—from 1-person shops to some mega names—insist … Continue reading

Growing Your Practice: Hitting Your Sweet Spot

Sweet spot: Where your story (and marketing) meets a rigorous business model and a winning (not whining) mindset. Outrageously successful consultants, advisors and coaches spend a lot of time in their sweet spot. Why? Life is better there. It’s dramatically … Continue reading

Be Like Gustavo

When was the last time you felt like this when you’re working? Meet Gustavo Dudamel, the joyfully passionate conductor of the LA Philharmonic. Watching him conduct Dvorak and Tchaikovsky left me breathless and thrilled to my toes. A true maestro, … Continue reading

Don’t Be That Blackberry Guy

You’ve met him. Or her. Glued to his Blackberry, iphone or new gizmo. Addicted to the ability to know what is going on—anywhere and at anytime. Key word here? Addicted. Meet the quintessential Blackberry Guy. A big firm partner, he … Continue reading