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Inspiring (Personal) Brand Love

My husband LOVES Disneyland. We live an hour away, so we’ve gone many times since moving to Southern California. But this visit was extra-special. We stopped in the store on the way in to buy him a Mickey shirt and … Continue reading

You Finished Your Big Project. Now What?

There is something about finishing what we start that feeds us. It’s a lifecycle—with a beginning, middle and end. If you work on projects, this is a natural way of life. This week, I’m awash in the glow that comes … Continue reading

A Swipe Of Lipstick

It was a casual Saturday and I was wearing one of my go-to errand outfits. The only thing I’d done differently was to grab a tube of hot pink lipstick. All day long I raked in the compliments. Seriously? Over … Continue reading

Becoming Human Catnip

Ever notice how you just feel better when you’re in the presence of certain people? You get more energized and feel like you can conquer the world? Human catnip! Here’s how you can channel some of their magic…

The Killer Combination: Native Talent And Hard Work

In the small New England town where I grew up, girls’ sports weren’t a budget priority. When I joined the track team in high school, we practiced with the boys. That’s where I met Dave and Lowell. Dave was the … Continue reading

Backwards In High Heels

It was famously said of Ginger Rogers that she did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels. Which is what it can be like wrestling clients away from the competition…

Poverty Mentality

Is your mindset one of poverty or one of riches? Before you answer, consider this. What did you tell yourself the last time you made—or chose not to make—an investment in your future? Did you say, “I know this expense … Continue reading

When Your Competition Is Perfection

How many times have you sweated out a proposal or a pitch? Not because you didn’t know what to do, but because you were trying to out-think your competitor. But what if the competition—the real competition—is perfection? 

Stealth Marketing

Stealth marketing sounds so sleazy. It implies your game plan is to fool the buyer, like these unsuspecting gents who thought they were flirting with pretty women. But what if stealth marketing was based not on deceit, but truth?

Making Mojo (But Not The Way You Think)

You know when you can’t get clients to return calls or get serious? And you get frustrated (or anxious), trying to stir up some mojo? Here’s the secret to breaking through all that…