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Discover Your People

Ever felt like you were walking in a wind tunnel when you’re talking with a potential client? He’s all about the cost and isn’t up for exploring the awesomeness that collaboration with you can create. She is more focused on … Continue reading

The Best You Can Do

How to know—in that deepest part of yourself—when you’re doing the best you can do. And when to reach for more.

Dreams Don’t Have Expiration Dates

Ever wonder why your big dream isn’t happening? Give this a watch.  And comment: do you have a dream, a vision or a plan?

When Facebook Friends Are Real

I love social media. It brings the world to our doorstep—and delivers us out to a bigger universe. I meet people I might never otherwise and my work and my life are the richer for it. You can go wide … Continue reading

Dreaming Big

Martin Luther King didn’t dream small. And neither should you. Maybe that voice in your head is saying, “Sure, but who am I to be dreaming THAT big?” In honor of Dr. King’s birthday, meet some big dreamers and do-ers … Continue reading

The Art Of The Resolution: Measureable, Pleasurable And Likely

Fresh. Clean. A blank slate… There is something irresistible about a new year. All that possibility ahead, the promise of another chance to claim the year as your own. After making, achieving (and breaking) more New Year’s resolutions than I … Continue reading

The Gift Of Grace

Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. No matter the religion or culture, many of us celebrate with gift giving in December. This year, the gift I most want to give (and receive) is the gift of grace. The dictionary defines grace many ways: … Continue reading

In Search Of Praise

Accolades, cheers, applause. Praise. How often do you get some, much less enough to serve as fuel when you’re in a rough patch? If you’re like most, you get it in small doses. Your work delivers an “aha” to a … Continue reading

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Blow Up The Box

Rayna Jaymes, the country-western legend at the heart of the new series “Nashville”, was stymied. Her tour was cancelled by her record label when she could no longer fill the big venues. After some creative soul searching, she approached a … Continue reading

Lighting Your Flame

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer Let’s think about … Continue reading