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Brand You: Dominatrix or Librarian?

When it comes to Brand You, the prevailing wisdom is that the I-must-be-obeyed warrior always trumps the let-me-help-you-learn-maven. Not necessarily. I once worked with a quiet, meek even, accountant. Let’s call him Lester. He labored daily in an isolated cubicle—friendly, … Continue reading

The George Clooney Effect

You’ve seen George Clooney. Handsome, debonair, quick-witted. Everything he does is tinged with almost impossibly easy-going glamour. His appearance at an event—say the New York Comic Con in the midst of his honeymoon—instantly takes it up a notch. Or seven. … Continue reading

In Creation Mindset

I spent the summer thoroughly ensconced in creation mindset. What’s creation mindset? It’s when you’re in the midst of creating something new—a book, a program, a piece of art, a website, a business—and the universe conspires with you to remove … Continue reading

True Ambition

“Ambition is daring to follow your dream” Jenipher Lyn, author of “How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular Saved My Life” One thing I’ve learned from hundreds of clients is that you’ve gotta have ambition to keep the fire stoked. Not … Continue reading

10 Books That Changed My Work (And Me)

The right books at the right time change you. They make you think—or stop thinking and start feeling. They take you places you didn’t know were on your itinerary. There is no over-estimating the power of a perfectly-timed read. So … Continue reading

Personal Brand Splash: Michael Sam

Welcome to the first of an occasional series on unforgettable people—from quiet introverts to flamboyant newsmakers—making a splash with their personal brand. What will they have in common? Courage, authenticity and packing a few lessons the rest of us can … Continue reading

Magical Thinking

May the holidays and the New Year bring you the gift of magical thinking. May you suspend belief about limitations and start making your dreams come true. May you lift up one other person (or hundreds) with your certainty that … Continue reading

Our Mandela Legacy

A great light has left us. A powerful voice for—and enduring symbol of—equality, forgiveness, reconciliation and healing will speak no more. Many have and will continue to memorialize Nelson Mandela—the BBC gives a glimpse of both his public and more … Continue reading

Death Of An Artist

Charlie Trotter— chef extraordinaire, impresario and global innovator—died last week at 54. He was a general in the American culinary revolution, opening his Lincoln Park restaurant at a time when Chicago palates had just barely graduated from canned vegetables and … Continue reading

Genius or Genius Maker?

Liz Wiseman, in her book “Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” asked: Are you a genius or a genius maker? Watch this video and “meet” one of my favorite genius makers… 000000